Before Independence, due to advancements in all aspects, Bhadran was known as the Paris of Vadodara State under the rule of Maharaja Sayajirao Gayakwad. In those days, we had water supply system, Gayakwad Narrow Gauge Railway used to start from here to Vaso, the same huge Town Hall surrounded by beautiful garden now occupied by Gram Panchayat, on the bank of a huge pond. We were lucky to have drainage system first when most of the other towns had no dream that such a thing ever existed. People from all over the surrounding areas used to get treatment in the State run hospital. This is now run by Bhadran Mitramandal (Mumbai Sanchalit) and has been transformed into a small but ideal hospital and is in the process of expansion to offer all possible types of specialized services within the capacity of available funds from the DONORS, and for organizing this system the real credit goes to late Dr. Jamanadas Patel. We have a Veterinary Hospital for animals too.

Places for social activities include a Guest House, a Rest House, Nani Khadki Dharmshala, Brahman Vadi, Shree Bhadrakali Mataji’s Vadi, and Central Hall in Town Hall and Shree Annkshetra.

At different main centres in Bhadran we encounter Leadership Memorials: statues of Shree Sayajirao Gayakwad, Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallbhbhai Patel, Shivabhai Ashabhai Patel, Manubhai Mehta (diwan), and Shree Ratilal Patel, a martyr and victim of a shooting at Adas Station, as a secret agent distributing Freedom Movement leaflets.

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