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We welcome DONTATIONS for various purpose, and with your donations it helps us to maintain our Samaj’s activity in a nice way and also to start some of the programs that are being suggested.

We welcome donations for general purpose and also for following and appropriate credit and announcements are made for recognizing the donors.

Here is a brief description of our Programs:

  • a) General education funds, from which Scholarships are given
  • b) Navaratri programs
  • c) General gathering and picnic activities
  • d) This time, we welcome some generous donations for this website development we have made and we would like to maintain it well and all web-savvy people would appreciate this website presentation made by our committee and we welcome generous donations for this, a website maintenance donation for $500 has been kept for just two slots, we welcome them and announcement and credits will be made on the website, for donors who would like to see more additions to be made on this website.
  • e) Any more suggested activity wise donations are also welcome.

Please contact any of our committee members for donations, click here to see their names and contact address or contact us through the contact pages.

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