History Of Bhadran

Bhadran is a village in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is in the Anand district. Bhadran was nicknamed the “Paris of Gaekwad state” due to its prosperity and civil works carried out by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III, the visionary ruler of Baroda.

Years ago in Padampur, nearly two kilometres away from Bhadran town, there used to live two very strong brothers named Bhadrasur and Aghasur. The majority of the people here were very cruel. They defeated Devas with a power graced by Mahadevji. Agonized Devas prayed to the mighty goddess Uma and two Shakties named Bhadrakali and Ambaji, were created. Bhadrakali and Ambaji killed Bhdrasur and Aghasur respectively so Devas established temples of both Matajis. In due course Padampur was destroyed. In Samvat 1232 (1176 AC) on Sunday the sudi 11(before full moon) of month Vaishakh Bhadrapur later known as Bhadrn and finally as the time passed, today’s BHADRAN, was officially formed.

According to the Data in the Family Tree of the Patels of the seven towns, published in 1925 C.E., the first Patel, named Ananda, came from Anklav in Samvat 1415 and lived here. From the eleventh generation of four brothers, eldest and the second number named Revandas and Dhanjibhai respectively started to live in a section called Moti Khadki. Third and fourth numbers named Harkhjibhai and Manjibhai, in another section called Nani Khadki. Together with above, now, Bhadran is flourishing with the influx of all different communities with new Patels from different places.

At different main centers in Bhadran we encounter Leadership Memorials: statues of Shree Sayajirao Gayakwad, Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallbhbhai Patel, Shivabhai Ashabhai Patel, Manubhai Mehta (diwan), and Shree Ratilal Patel, a martyr and victim of a shooting at Adas Station, as a secret agent distributing Freedom Movement leaflets.

The main economy of this village is agriculture. The main cash crop istobacco, and tobacco processing is an important industry. The other crops with considerable area are bananas, rice, bajra, and cotton to some extent. Bhadran is a rural financial center of Anand district. Banking and customer services are offered at Bank of Baroda, Dena Bank, Peoples Co-op Bank, Mercantile Co-op Bank Kheda-Jilla Madhyasth Co-op Bank, Post Office, Landing and customer Co-op, and at societies as, Seva Co-op, and Milk Producers’ Co-op. Its sound co-operative banks have helped the region prosper and progress.

Bhadran has educational institutions for the development of children at every level. There are both free and paid schools, with all types of facilities for education from kindergarten to graduation. These include boys’ and girls’ separate schools at the primary level, Tulsibhai Bakorbhai Amin High School, Science and Commerce College, Computer Centre, English Medium School from Nursery to H.S.C. classes, Gymnasium Centre and Jethabhai Narayanbhai Patels, and the Shambhuprasad Boarding House for students from out of town.