Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, one of India’s greatest leaders in the Indian Independence Movement grew up in Karamsad. That’s why Karamsad is a landmark Gam … but now a town town today, It was also the home of his elder brother Vithalbhai Patel, who was also an important political leader. The Patel brothers lived in Karamsad, but became the PRIDE OF INDIA.

During the making of Vallabh Vidyanagar, if the Patidars of Karamsad had not donated generously, then Vidyanagar would not have looked like what it looks today.

Karamsad has been quite under the influence of religious institutions like Swaminarayan Sect and Santram Temple for a long time. Both these sects do a lot of activities in Karamsad. Karamsad has always remained way ahead, be it in politics, education, religion, cooperative activities or industries in the Kheda District. The Patidars of Karamsad are well known in the social community of Chha Gam (six villages). The yesterday’s generation of Patidars have proved best themselves in different fields in Africa, Fiji, Myanmar (Burma), etc. the first two Patidars to reach East Africa in 1895 AD. were Maganbhai Naranbhai and Ishwarbhai Nathabhai Patel. Today the Patidars of Karamsad are spread out in England, Canada, America and Australia.

Educationally, the landmark Pramukh Swami Medical College belongs to Karamsad and open heart surgeries are also done there, it’s size is indeed huge with many different treatment facilities and ICU.

Santram Temple in Karamsad is famous for its Convention Hall / Banquet Hall. The temple also provides health services to the people at a very nominal charge. It also runs coaching classes for students. Lots of students after getting coaching from these classes have got admissions in various engineering and medical colleges. A temple of Goddess Khodiyar – the presiding deity of Patidars has been recently built. It is also has various facilities and a big banquet hall, which can be used for marriage ceremonies. There are very few Digambar Jain Temples in the whole of Gujarat, but still there is a temple (Derasar) in Karamsad. Moreover there is a Swaminarayan Temple, Bapeshwar Mahadev, Catholic Mission, Mosque etc . FOR MORE DETAILS INFO ABOUT THIS GREAT VILLAGE TOWN AND TO SEE HOW KARASADWASIS IN USA CHERISH THE MEMORIES OF KARAMSAD VISIT…www.karamsadsamaj.com

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