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Dipal Patel (Nadiad)

My Fellow Chh Gam Patidar Samaj Members,
Namaste! I am Dipal P. Patel and I will be in your service representing you as a President of Chh Gam Patidar Samaj during 2016-2017. First, I like to tell you little bit about my background so you know me well. I was born in Dharmaj, raised in Samdi Chakla in Gordhanbhai Kapadia family in heart of Nadiad. I am very proud that I was born and raised in family who gave Nadiad a true Saheed Arvind Patel during MAHAGUJARAT CHADVAD.
I am supported with many young volunteers in NJ for summer picnic of Nadiad and many other events. I and my other executive members committee were selected by Nadiad Gam to take this challenge to take Chh Gam Patidar Samaj to next level. Our team is serving Nadiad community successfully and hoping that we can serve Chh Gam Samaj as well. Our main focus is attract younger generation to take part in the Chh Gam Executive committee so they can take our culture and samaj further. I have been contributing to various activities and events organized by Nadiad committee and wish to serve the Chh Gam committee. Engaging youngsters, organizing cultural events and providing platform for networking and connecting our community have been our primary aim. It has been a pleasure to server my Gam Nadiad and will try to do same for Chh Gam Samaj. Our new committee will inspire other young teams to participate actively in Chh Gam Samaj and open a new door to other gam
I echo previous president Manojbhai words that “I am a strong believer of Stewardship which is to continuously improve on what we do”. We have to make some changes in the process to make it more robust and honest process. On this principle, I will carry forward our best practices in the past and improve upon our current processes which will make our ride smooth going forward. I also like to lay down proper structure/committee where needed and it will allow us to have stronger foundation for our activities. I believe in leading by example and will serve Chh Gam with Respect, Integrity and Excellence in my efforts.
To fill our life with joy, vigor and enthusiasm, following events are proposed during the year of 2016. These events will cement our relationship even stronger. We will communicate actual date of the event about 6 to 8 weeks prior the event. 1. Volleyball Tournament - Saturday, June 25, 2016 2. Summer Picnic – Saturday, July 23, 2016 3. Diwali Dinner – Tentatively Nov 2016 4. Matrimonial Event - Tentatively in year 2016
We want to encourage our young adults to participate in these events and would like to extend their participation in our growth. I want to reaffirm our primary mission to provide a platform for all members to connect with each other, build our network and exchange ideas by participating in various cultural activities.
Please free feel to contact me by phone and email listed below for any suggestions, feedback or if you like to provide volunteer service.
Dipal. Patel - President of Chh Gam Patidar Samaj "United we Stand as One & Divided we fall" eMail: Cell: 732 371 3769

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