Our Jewels

Our Jewels are those you have brought us pride and contributed towards not only our community development, but National and International development, directly or indirectly, which means, if a college was opened in Nadiad or Bhadran, or if today what Dharmsinh Desai University is today, they have contributed towards sending Dentists, Engineers in Chemical and Electronics field to only Gujarat, but other states of India and also to many other countries.

We salute those JEWELS and here is collection of our Jewels, you may find this to be a bit lengthy, but do read it you and your family will really feel proud about the fact as to from which larger family and community you belong.

Here is a village wise segmentation please click on the names to go to their profile or briefs and feel proud about each of them as they have fought in adversity and poverty and brought laurels to their personality and our Samaj

Chhgam Jewels from BHADRAN
1. Ambalal Patel, known as Dada Bhagwan has following through the world and more followers after his death due to his great preachings
2. Shivabhai Ashabhai Patel, Great social work, who changed the educational landscape of the area by opening colleges 45 years back in a silent village like Bhadran
3. Ramanbhai Patel, Founder Owner of Cadila Laboratories
Chhgam Jewels from DHARMAJ
1. Hirubhai Muljibhai Patel, also known as H.M. Patel (HM also), was Governor of Reserve Bank of India and then Union Finance Minister of India.
Chhgam Jewels from KARAMSAD
1. SARDAR VALLAVBHAI PATEL, the Iron Man of India and the architect of modern integrated India, and the first Union Home Minister of India
2. Vitthalbhai Patel, a great personality and brother of Sardar Patel, Vitthal Udyognagar is named after his endeavors
3. Dr. I. G Patel, had remained Governor of Reserve Bank of India
Chhgam Jewels from NADIAD
1. Babubhai Jashbhai Patel, Former Chief Minister of Gujarat State and a highly social person contributed towards growth of entire state and made administration very transparent for all sects of people during his rule
2. Dharamsinh Desai, Industrialist, Educationalist and founder of First chemical engineering college in Nadiad and then it became ultimately Dharmasinh Desai University
3. Dinsa Patel, has been social activist and State and Union Government level Minister
Chhgam Jewels from SOJITRA
1. Bhailalbhai Patel, famously known as Bhaikaka, who architected the creation of the world famous educational township of Vallabh Vidyanagar along with Bhikhabhai Patel of Karamsad
Chhgam Jewels from VASO
1. Darbar Gopaldas Amin, a great educationalist and the man behind the upsurging progress of the entire Vaso Village
2. Motibhai Amin, also architect of the educational system in Vaso