Savli, is a small village, which as a whole does not gets included in Chh Gam, but still it appears here as one of the constituents of Chh Gam for an interesting and well wishing reason, it so happened that decades or perhaps a century back, due to some ventures or land supervision some Patels from few of the Chh Gams, went there to protect the lands that belonged to their parents or villages, [Savli is slightly far away from the remaining 6 villages] and as the times would necessitate them, they were bound to stay there for long long time and those 5 families had to settle down there … it is because of this mutual honor that all other 6 Gams, consider those responsibility and accountability oriented families to be termed as one of the 6 Gams, as actually those 5 families [ who have grown up to be huge numbers and are worldwide] belongs to original 6 villages, hence Savli is a honored, friendly and family type constituent of 6 Gams.

Savli is near Vadodara, one of the GIDC (Gujarat industrial development corporation) is very near to it. The famous companies that are in the this GIDC are Bombardier Transportation, Thermax etc. Natvarnagar is one of the village of savli block.The branch of Santram temple is also located in this village.It is located near MahiSagar River. This is a village of Rajputs. The main crop of this village is tobacco.

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