Sojitra is indeed an ancient town that has experienced several name changes and been under the control of many different political entities. Popular mythology of the area credits the current incarnation of the village as originally being settled by Sojan Rabari and his family, who named it either Sojanpur or Sojatypur. At some point, this was shortened to Soja, which later morphed into the current name.

The village proper itself was mostly settled and established by family members of the Patel family line. In 1527, when the immediate area was under the control of Raval rulers, Surabhai Patel left Chapaner and moved to Adalaj and again in 1552 with one of his two sons, Virabhai Patel, to Devataj. In 1575, Muzfarshah the Second, allotted the land of Sojitra to Jeshangbhai Patel, the son of Vitabhai Patel, for hereditary use. The land was distributed among seven inheritors: Harakjibhai, Sunderbhai, Bhuderbhai, Saudasbhai, Amabaidas, Pragdas, and Mahidas. The Patidars of the seven Khadkies were their descendents.

The Patel family has produced a number of individuals who have been influential in the Indian government. In the state of Gujarat,Shri Bhaikaka the Founder of Vallabh Vidhya Nagar, Kamalaben Maganbhai Patel held the position of Deputy Minister of the State; Dr. Thakorbhai Patel was Cabinet Minister of the State of Gujarat; and Ravajibhai Maganbhai Patel served as Secretary of the Gujarat Congress Committee. In the state of Bombay, Dr. Bhaskarbhai Patel was the Deputy Minister of the State; and Jashbhai Jivabhai Patel served as the Controller of Iron & Steel. In the national government, Gopalbhai Shivabhai Patel was the Chairman of the Unit Trust of India; and Chimanbhai Patel was the Chief Engineer of the Public Works Department of the Government of India. sojitra is place of visa mevada digmber jain panch.There were very reach population of jain in past.

Vallabh Vidyanagar, one of the best educational townships, home to Sardar Patel University, having colleges ranging from Medical to Architecture, Computer Science to Arts and Science and having the best Post Graduation in Chemistry and huge Engineering college, was infact brain child and result of Dedication of Shri BHAIKAKA, who though belonging to Sojitra, is a National Pride today.

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