Vansavli Karamsad

We are pleased to put the Vansavli files for all those who are interested, please download the Zip files, since we could not get the individual expandable files, from the sources who somehow managed the detailed old Vansavlis for all of us, in fact we are thank full for those great friends who helped us in this endeavor.

We need volunteers from the IT industry , who can take out time to digitize them, anyone who can volunteer to do that and also sponser the project for actual digitialization with search engine features, will be very help, WE SINCERELY APPEAL TO ALL THE VIEWERS GLOBALLY, WHO CAN HELP AND GET SPONSERS FOR THIS GREAT WORK FOR WHICH OUR COMING GENERATIONS WILL REALLY APPLAUD US.

So if you know any donor who can fund this, lets talk to them for doing this Vansavli / Ancestry data digitization.

Meanwhile for the while, please have the winzip file here for KARAMSAD, and follow through and link to your ancestors

Click here for Vansavli of KARAMSAD